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Our extensive experience in project management helps to optimize budgets and meet project implementation deadlines. Our team works to improve decisions making either by offering strategic advices and/or by offering turnkey solutions.

Our project management services are taking into consideration various elements including safety, procurement, cost, and risk—all of which must align for you to complete a project on schedule.

Our experienced team also offers risks mitigation in order to develop projects in the respect of environemental considerations and reducing the risks for workers. What sets us apart is our commitment to the client, achieving results and meeting deadlines.

1823 Consulting Inc. is an engineering consulting firm located in North Bay that focuses on the mining sector. It specializes in project management and mining infrastructure engineering. Team members have been involved in major projects here in Canada and around the world.


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The head office

3 Traverse de Laval
Lac-Beauport (Québec) G3B 0X8

Phone : 705-978-5417 info@1823.ca


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